Saw an old friend online on a forum I frequent (and that she used to). She was the first person I knew that had anxiety disorder and maybe the first person who really treated me as a woman despite knowing I was trans.

I sent her message and I hope she got it. I’d like to hear how she has been doing :)

Today in therapy we talked about how recovery is often considered to be returning to the state before illness, and how that is not the goal for me because I have been suffering from anxiety all of my adult life.

Actually, I had anxiety as a kid as well, but back then it wasn’t an everyday thing so it I could still cope with it. Back then when I had high anxiety days I just convinced myself that I had a flu, because I was feeling sick and tense, the thought of going to school made me panic for no reason and I thought I was gonna pass out.




Black Dentist In All-White Practice Forced To Resign Over Ferguson Posts

Will those stellar free-speech advocates on the right stand up for Dr. Misee Harris, or will they remain silent?

Dr. Misee Harris, who also was the Black Bachelorette, just found herself in an impossible situation after posting support for Ferguson and Mike Brown’s family on her private Facebook page. Dr. Harris was given a choice to resign or shut up. Here’s the story:

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